These PEDOC’s are intended for ground burial applications.

PEDOC Models

Part Numbers for 5×5 Hinge Top Outlet Box without Integral Base

*INSERT COLOR: G = gray, B = black, BR = brown, GN = green
Sample Part Number: 542-C-HT-1-B (42″ 5 x 5 two gang hinge top without base powder coated in black)


  1. Enter device opening: 5 indicating 5 x 5 model
  2. Enter height from base to top
  3. Enter height from base to top
  4. Enter finish: “C” for powder coated or “SS” for #4 polished SS
  5. Enter HT for Hinge Top
  6. If powder coated enter color code: G = gray, B = black, BR = brown, GN = green

Product Information

2 GANG / 30 AMP

Available heights:

42", 48" and 54"

Steel Type:

Polished Stainless Steel or Coated Stainless Steel with choices of colors

Gang orientation option:

Gang orientation is vertical


Available with optional divider

2 gang insert, 2 gang divided insert, or 30 amp insert. Part number reflects desired insert.

Installation Instructions (PDF – 74KB)
Dimension Drawing (PDF – 222KB)

Specification Info (PDF – 183KB)

Available Colors (Colors simulated)