Man sitting on a bench by a park charging a phone connected to a black electrical power pedestal

Improperly installed or damaged electrical conduit poses a serious safety threat to people, businesses, and municipalities. Frayed or spliced wiring could cause grounding failure and lead to unnecessary harm. Your business may be held liable, even leading to legal action, if someone is harmed by exposed wiring or is otherwise hurt because of a broken conduit.

Made from heavy stainless steel, PEDOC outlet posts safely protect conduit piping. Stainless steel is a material widely used for outdoor applications because of its remarkable durability. Our powder coat finish adds extra protection from sun exposure and hot/cold weather changes. Simply put, PEDOC pedestals are built to last without compromising safety.


harsh weather conditions

Electrical work itself is costly, especially when problems arise and wires need to be replaced. Labor alone can easily cost well into the thousands of dollars depending on the project size. Wiring that is not well protected may also require increased maintenance which can negatively affect bottom line numbers. PEDOC power pedestals provide a one and done installation solution that will keep upfront and maintenance cost minimal without compromising safety.

PEDOC power pedestals were designed to safely withstand rain, thawing, freezing and sun exposure with incredible durability. They are all solidly constructed from heavy stainless steel and have an open bottom that allows ample space for wires and cables to move freely in an enclosed space and withstand harsh weather conditions. When in need of a safe, affordable and sleek power pedestal for either ground burial or hardscape mounting – PEDOC has the solution!

The PEDOC product line offers built-in, lockable while in-use covers, so you can say goodbye to bubble covers that easily crack or break off. All of our power pedestals are rainproof (rated NEMA3R) and UL listed. We offer the only pedestals in the market that are solidly built from thick stainless steel which serves as a strong barrier from shifting soil and weather elements. We also manufacture pedestals that are safely divided to accommodate power and data needs.

Put your safety and durability worries to rest by installing PEDOC power pedestals!


This PEDOC power pedestal in use at a municipal festival, powering up a beverage truck, allowed for power at its point of use. No unsightly extension cords for festival attendees to trip over.


Pavement Pocket PEDOC. Accessory option for mounting a PEDOC into a submerged box. The PEDOC is easily removed leaving behind a sturdy flat and safe surface able to withstand greater than 5 tons of weight. The pavement pocket is currently being considered for UL Listing.